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以下はメッセージセンターのMC222640の内容です。タイトルは「Microsoft Teams: meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint」です。

We’re changing the storage for new Teams meeting recordings to be stored on, and served from, OneDrive and SharePoint (ODSP) – instead of Microsoft Stream (Classic). Customers are able to opt in, opt out, or take no action with regard to these changes.

This change will apply to customers who either opt in or take no action following this announcement.

Key points:

  • Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 67138
  • Timing:
    • Early October (October 5, 2020) – You can enable the Teams Meeting policy to have meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint instead of Microsoft Stream (Classic)
    • End of October (October 31, 2020) – Meeting recordings in OneDrive and SharePoint will have support for English captions via the Teams transcription feature.
    • Early to mid-November (Rolling out between November 1 -15 , 2020) – All new Teams meeting recordings will be saved to OneDrive and SharePoint unless you delay this change by modifying your organization’s Teams Meeting policies and explicitly setting them to “Stream”
    • Q1 2021 – No new meeting recordings can be saved to Microsoft Stream (Classic); all customers will automatically have meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint even if they’ve changed their Teams meeting policies to Stream”
  • Rollout: Tenant level
  • Control: Admin via PowerShell

How this will affect your organization:

This change impacts your organization in several ways:

  • New features
    The move to ODSP immediately unlocks long-awaited features including external and guest sharing, retention policy application (, GoLocal support, and BYOK support for customers, with improved transcription quality, speaker attribution, transcript content search, and other features to follow in CY2021.
  • Meeting storage
    Non-Channel meetings will be stored in the OneDrive of the person who clicked the record button in a special folder labeled “Recordings” – that sits at the top of the recorder’s OneDrive. Channel meetings will be stored in a folderlabeled “Recordings” under a folder named after the channel under the Team’s document library.
  • Permissions
    All meeting invitees – except for external users – in non-channel meetings will automatically get a shared link to access the meeting recording. External users will need to be explicitly added to the shared list by the meeting organizer or the person that clicked the record button. For Channel meetings, permissions will be inherited from the owners and members list in the channel.
  • Feature gaps
    The following gaps exist today:
    • Ability to block download of the video by meeting participants
    • Ability to view and edit the transcript in the player, but closed captions will be present
    • Non-English language transcripts/captions
    • Variable playback speed in video player
      Transcript timeframe search (e.g., to find a specific point in time when something was discussed)

What you need to do to prepare:

Customers are able to opt in, opt out, or take no action with regard to these changes. Changes in this communication will apply to customers who either opt in or take no action.

Tenant admins can opt in or opt out of OneDrive and SharePoint as the Teams meeting recording storage location via a Teams policy in PowerShell. Additionally, customers who wish to have captions for their meetings will need to enable transcript recording in Teams.

In Q1 CY2021, saving Teams meeting recordings to Microsoft Stream (Classic) will no longer be allowed​. Precise dates will be communicated in a subsequent post.

Learn more: Use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint or Stream for meeting recordings



  • Teams会議のレコーディングの保存先がMicrosoft StreamからOneDriveとSharePointに変わります。
  • 2020年10月5日:会議ポリシーで保存先をOneDriveとSharePointに変更することができるようになります。
  • 2020年10月31日:OneDriveとSharePointのレコーディングは英語のトランスクリプション機能がサポートされます。
  • 2020年11月1~15日:会議ポリシーを変更して明示的にStreamに保存することを設定しないと、Teams会議のレコーディングの保存先はOneDriveとSharePointに変わります。
  • 2021年第1四半期:StreamにTeams会議のレコーディングを保存することができなくなります。全てのお客様がOneDriveとSharePointに保存されるようになります。
  • チャネルで設定したTeams会議はSharePointに保存され、チャネル以外で設定したTeams会議は録画ボタンをクリックした人のOneDriveに保存されます。



IJIJ-Ä  November  CY2020  Microsoft Teams: meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint  Ability to save Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint for improved sharing  capabilities, basic governance, automatic retention labels, go local, bring your own keys and, more that comes  from recording video files and storing them in SharePoint and OneDrive.  Feature ID: 67138  Added to Roadmap: 9/22/2020  Last Modified: 9/22/2020  Tags: General Availability, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), Microsoft Teams, Education  In  development  General  Availability  Worldwide  (Standard  Multi-  Tenant)  Microsoft  Teams  Education